The External ID user field allows you to identify users in our system with your preferred unique identifier from a system outside of Socio, usually a third party or proprietary system. Using this field, you can identify users with their External ID throughout the Socio Platform. 

About External IDs

The External ID makes it easy for you to "match" users across systems. External IDs also allow you to easily export from our system, and import into the system that uses that ID — and vice versa! 

Implement External IDs

The External ID field can be edited in bulk using the Attendee import template, or individually in the user's profile. 

To see this field, navigate to a user's profile, click the Settings (gear ⚙️) icon, and click Edit

Expand the Advanced Settings section and enter the External ID in the field provided. Don't forget to click Save Changes!

⭐️ Keep in mind, the maximum number of alphanumeric characters that can be set for the External ID is 255. 

⚠️Caution, the External ID field is not editable once you have saved it. 

Pass External IDs to URL

If you select the Pass Data to URL option on External Links, External IDs will be included in the information passed. This is a great option if you are linking to a survey and would like to reference each response by External ID.

External IDs and Lead Retrieval

When used with Lead Retrieval, the External ID can be used to populate the QR data field. This field is used to identify the attendee as exhibitors scan their QR code. If an External ID is not set for a specific attendee, the attendee will be assigned a Socio QR Code. 

Enable External ID as QR Code

If you want to use the External ID to populate the QR Code, navigate to Lead Retrieval in the Socio Platform and select the event. Click the Settings drop-down, and click QR Code Options.

Select the checkbox and click Save Changes.

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