Preset Agendas allow event organizers to assign sessions to attendees' My Agenda. This is particularly useful when attendees have registered for sessions in advance, or for "high-touch" events, such as reward trips or other events where the attendees have their personal agendas curated.

There are four places where the Preset Agenda is impacted:

  1. Preset Agenda Import

  2. Personal Agenda on the user's profile

  3. My Agenda in the user's app

  4. Attendance Management in a session

For a walkthrough of each of these, check out the video and more info below. 👍

Import Preset Agendas

If you want to assign sessions to multiple users, it can save you time to do this in bulk!

To import Preset Agendas, click the Preset Agendas toggle on the Users & Groups page. You will be prompted to download the template. The template is sent to the email that you're logged in with.

Check out our Import Feature Templates article for more info.

⭐️ Keep in mind, attendees can remove themselves from sessions you add, or add sessions to their My Agenda that you didn't add. Check out the Attendance Management article for more info!

Personal Agenda

Click on a user's row on the Users & Groups page to go to their profile page. In the Personal Agenda section, click the Add Sessions button to add sessions to the user's My Agenda. The sessions that they have added to their personal agenda can be seen here, and sessions that have been imported to their Preset Agenda.

My Agenda

Each attendee can create their own My Agenda by adding sessions from the Agenda feature. These sessions are added to their Personal Agenda in their user profile, and are included in the Preset Agendas Template download. For more info on the attendee's perspective, check out the Master My Agenda article in the Attendee's Help Center! 

Attendance Management

To add attendees to an individual session, navigate to that session and scroll down to the Attendance Management section. Add users to the session to add it to their personal Agenda. Check out the Attendee Management article for more info!

Pro Tip! 😎 

  • Make sure your Agenda feature is (fairly) finalized before adding Preset Agendas.

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