Incorporating surveys into your event app is easy and helps guarantee that your event strategy is successful — we love surveys. 👍 That's why we recommend Typeform!


About Typeform

Typeform provides a beautiful, conversational experience that works great on every device. Their intuitive admin interface, templates, and inspiration hub are excellent time savers. We particularly love their post-event survey template. 😉

Two screenshots showing a Conference Survey feature in the Mobile App, and a Typeform open in a mobile device.

Here's the bottom line: when surveys are visually delightful and easy to complete, response rates soar! 🚀

Typeform resources

For more information on Typeform, including how-to's, capabilities, and more, check out their awesome Help Center. You can also reach out to their support reps using this Typeform!

Create a Typeform

Visit Typeform to create an account and build your survey or questionnaire, referring to Typeform's documentation when necessary. Once you've finished creating the form, you're ready to add it to your event — unless you want to use the Pass Data to URL function of the Webex Events Platform. Keep reading to learn how to configure your survey when using the Pass Data to URL function! 📚 Otherwise, skip to the next section.

Pass Data to URL

There are many places in your event where you can insert an External Link. Many of these include the Pass Data to URL option, which sends data like first name, last name, and email to Typeform. This saves attendees time filling in this information! Here's how to configure your Typeform to grab that sweet data:

⭐️ Keep in mind, always put slides that ask responders to manually enter the information you'll collect with Pass Data to URL at the beginning of the survey for the simplest setup. Creating a branching rule to skip these when Pass Data information is present saves responders time!

Click the Logic tab, then click Personalize with Data.

Click Hidden Fields. In the modal that appears, add each of the variables you want to use as a Hidden Field, and save.

Now go back to the Logic tab and click Branching and calculations.

In the modal that appears, select If from the first drop-down, then select one of the Hidden Fields, such as email. Set the drop-down below the Hidden Field to "Is not equal to" from the drop-down, and leave the text field next to it blank.

Screenshot of the Branching and calculations modal. The fields have been adjusted as described here.

Set the 'Then' condition to Go to and select the slide after the one(s) where attendees would otherwise enter the Pass Data information (if any).

Click the In ALL other cases drop-down and select the first slide in your survey, then click Save.

Now, when a responder visits your survey from your Webex Event, they won't have to manually enter some of their information!

⭐️ Keep in mind, data pulled into Typeform using Pass Data to URL doesn't auto-fill survey slides. Instead, you can see this data in the Responses tab at the bottom of each response.

Screenshot of the Repsonses tab. The Response Hidden Fields portion of a response is indicated.

Copy the Typeform URL

From your workspace in Typeform, click the three dots on your survey, then click Share.

Screenshot of a typeform in the workspace. The three-dot menu is expanded, and the Share button is indicated.

On the next page, click the Copy Link button. If you used Typeform's Hidden Fields to capture attendee data passed with the URL, be sure to copy only the section before the hash (#).

Screenshot of the Share your typeform page.

Add the Typeform to your Event

Once you've copied the Typeform link, you can include it anywhere you can enter an External Link! Add the link to Sponsor, Exhibitor, or Speaker profiles, include it as part of a live stream via the Agenda or Live Stream features, or make the survey a standalone feature using the Web Link feature, to name a few. Let's explore these last two examples! 🔍

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you'd like to capture attendee data with Typeform responses as described earlier, check the 'Pass Data to URL' box wherever you paste in the survey link.

Add the survey to a live stream

Gathering feedback immediately after a session while people's memories are fresh is an incredible way to gain immediate ROI.

When you create an Agenda session or Live Stream feature, expand the Attendee Engagement section, toggle 'Enable Custom Tab' to 'Yes', and paste the Typeform link into the Website URL field. Be sure to enter a Tab Name so attendees know what to expect when they click on the tab. Click Save Changes, and you're done!

When attendees view the live stream in the Web App, the custom tab appears on the right side of the screen. On the Mobile App, the custom tab appears as a button at the bottom of the screen when viewing the live stream.

Screenshot of a Typeform survey open in the sidebar of a live stream in the Web App.

Add the survey with the Web Link feature

If you'd like the survey to have its own page in your event or community, set up a Web Link feature. Add the feature to your event and click Edit. In the Edit modal, paste in the survey URL, uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' box, and click Save Changes. It's that easy!

Screenshot of the Edit Web Link modal. A Typeform link has been entered.

Attendees simply click on the survey feature to start answering questions. 🧠

Screenshot of a Typeform embedded in a Web App with the Web Link feature.

Now you know how to use a Typeform survey in your event app!

Pro tips! 😎

  • Don't forget to test your survey from the app! Have someone outside the project take your survey. Review your survey reports. Read your survey out loud. A little time spent here can save you from a headache later.

  • Use an Announcement to attract attention to your survey. Link directly to your survey from the Announcement to make it easy for your attendees to complete it! If you don't use an announcement, have a speaker mention it!

  • To encourage a higher rate of completion, keep your survey brief. Ask only as many survey questions as you need to achieve your goal.

  • If you're using a Web List or Web Link feature for your survey(s), move the icon to a more prominent spot in your Event App toward the end of your event.

  • Does your event include Continuing Education Credits? Instead of using paper, consider moving that to Typeform! Reach out to your Webex Events Contact for more information. 👍

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