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Incorporating surveys into your event app is easy and helps ensure that your event strategy is successful - we're all about that. 👍 That's why we recommend Typeform!

About Typeform

We love Typeform because of their beautiful, conversational experience for users, that works great on every device. Their easy-to-use admin interface, templates, and inspiration hub are all a boon for admins. We particularly love their post event survey template. 😉

Here's the bottom line: when surveys are easy to complete, your response rates soar! 🚀

Add a Typeform to your Event App

Please visit Typeform to create an account; then you will be able to create your survey or questionnaire and add it to your event app. When you're done making the form, you're ready to add it to your event!

Tow images of a Socio Event. One shows a Survey feature. The other shows the first page of a Typeform survey.

From your workspace, click the three dots on your survey, then click View. The survey will open in a new tab. Copy the URL from the address bar.

Screenshot of a Typeform workspace. The three-dot icon has been clicked to show the menu.

⚠️ Caution, make sure that you are getting the share link to the survey in this way if you want to Pass data to Typeform from Socio. 👆Don't use any other link or modify the URL in any way!

Create a Web Link feature that points to this link. It's that simple! Check out this article on the Web Link feature for more info!

Typeform Resources

For more information on Typeform, including how-to's, capabilities, and more, check out their awesome Help Center.

You can also reach out to their support reps! You can contact them via Twitter, contact Typeform via their Typeform, or contact Typeform support via this Typeform!

Common Questions

How do I add multiple surveys for specific sessions, speakers, or other items?

Typeforms can be added to your event app in a variety of ways, including in a Web Link or Web List feature, as an external link, or in an announcement.

How can I pass user information from the app to the survey?

If you want to auto-fill some of the information in your Typeform survey with data from your Socio event, you can do that! We provide a list of variables that you can add to your Typeform survey as Variables. Once the Variables are ready, make sure you check the Pass Data to URL box in the Web Link that leads to your Typeform. Since the Typeform values and the information format that Socio send will match, the information will flow into Typeform.

If you'd like to save some work, we've got some Typeform templates we can share with you! Simply start a live chat with us using the bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen, and let us know you'd like the Typeform templates. 📜

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Use an announcement to bring attention to your survey. Link directly to your survey from the announcement to make it easy for your attendees to complete it! Want more info on announcements? Check this out. If you don't use an announcement, have your last speaker mention it!

  • Keep your survey brief, and ask only as many survey questions as you need to achieve your goal. You'll have a higher rate of completion, and your attendees will thank you.

  • If you are using a Web List or Web Link feature for your survey(s), toward the end of your event, move the icon to a more prominent spot in your event app. 

  • Don't forget to test your survey from the app! Have someone outside the project take your survey. Take a look at your survey reports. Read your survey out loud. A little time spent here can save you a lot of headache later. 

  • Does your event include Continuing Education Credits? Instead of using paper, consider moving that to Typeform! Reach out to us for more info. 👍 

If you're interested in incorporating surveys in your event app, reach out to your Socio contact!

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