The Socio team is dedicated to creating the best Event Technology for our clients, while providing them with world-class support. With that in mind, we're proud to offer these main products for event organizers: Event App, Communities, Live Display, and Lead Retrieval. Check them out below! 👇

Event App

An event app (AKA conference app) is a mobile application that take events to the next level by increasing engagement, networking, sponsorship opportunities, and more! With a growing number of events using event apps, attendees will continue to ask for and expect them. 

An event app acts as a digital guide for your event, with event maps and a live schedule at attendees' fingertips. One of the main goals for event apps is engagement - with gamification features, push notifications, and social media functionality. Attendees can chat 1:1 or in group chats in the app, schedule meetings, and download contact information. In addition, there are many ways to monetize event apps and showcase sponsors!

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A community (AKA internet community or web community) is a virtual community of members who interact via the Internet. Online communities allow members to connect, share, and engage with other members and community leaders anywhere in the world. A Community can support a variety of business goals, from growing your member base, increasing brand loyalty, and gathering Community feedback and use cases.

Socio Communities have the same great features as Socio Event Apps, with unique abilities supporting year-round usage by members across the globe.

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Live Display

Live Display optimizes your event content for every screen automatically. Attendees get the same branded experience no matter where they look. 

You juggle enough, so we built Live Display to be one of the simplest event tools you'll ever use (but we're still here whenever you need help!). Live Display leverages content that you've already created in your Event App to deliver a seamless experience, with virtually no maintenance.

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Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval is the process of capturing attendee information at conferences, trade shows, and other live events. Sponsors and exhibitors then follow up with attendees as sales leads.

Lead Retrieval turns every booth at your event into a lead generator! It is the most seamless way for your sponsors and exhibitors to capture leads with enriched data, qualify them, export to their CRM, and smash ROI - all by scanning attendees' QR codes. With Socio Lead Retrieval, exhibitors can do the following:

  1. Scan Attendees’ QR Codes
  2. Qualify and Rate Leads
  3. Collaborate In-app
  4. Review Real-time Metrics
  5. Export Leads to CRM

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