We know it can take a village to put on a great event! Socio Platform Teams can be used to allow your coworkers or team members to edit your apps, events, Lead Retrieval and Live Display, and to manage access to them. Team members can have different levels of access to create, manage, and administer events in the Socio Platform. Best of all, you can invite as many team members to your team as you want, no restrictions. 👍  

️⭐️ We recommend that each team member have their own account, and not use a shared email to sign up.


When you first sign up for the platform, you will automatically be given a personal team named "YourName's Team". After your contract is initiated, we will create a team for you and add your credits to it.

Access Management

Use teams to make your life easier! You can have a team that is specific to a certain event or several events, and another team for other events. You can even have a team specific to your app! Only the people who are on the team assigned to your event or app will have access to it.

Click the Settings (gear ⚙️) icon on your event or app, and click Select Team. Select the appropriate team from the drop-down.

⚠️ Caution, if you are attempting to transfer an event to another team and are not seeing it in the drop-down, you may need to transfer credits to that team. Check out this article for more info!

Pro tip! 😎 

  • We recommend that each team member have their own Socio Platform account, and not use a shared email. There is no limit to the number of team members you can add to your team!


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