Are you ready to turn every booth at your event into a lead generator? Lead Retrieval is the most seamless way for your sponsors and exhibitors to capture leads with enriched data and qualify them, export to their CRM, and smash ROI — all by scanning attendees' QR codes.


Lead retrieval is the process of capturing attendee information at conferences, trade shows, and other live events. Sponsors and exhibitors then follow up with attendees as sales leads.


Screenshot of the Lead Retrieval App download page.

5 key benefits of Lead Retrieval by Webex Events

1. Scan attendees’ QR codes

Use a phone or tablet to quickly scan leads without renting any hardware! The powerful Lead Retrieval App is iOS and Android compatible and can scan the QR code on an attendee’s printed or digital badge. Details such as title and company, social media handles, and more instantly populate on the lead’s profile.

Screenshots of scanning a QR code and of a Lead Profile on the Lead Retrieval App.

2. Qualify and rate leads

Booth teams can’t deliver quality interaction if they’re more focused on scribbling down attendees’ information than authentically engaging with them. That’s why after scanning a badge, the Lead Retrieval App flows right into quality scoring. Rate the lead up to five stars and pick a status — hot, warm, or cold. Two taps and done.

Screenshot of rating and qualifying leads on the Lead Retrieval App.

3. Collaborate in-app

After each interaction, scanners leave notes on the attendee’s Lead Profile for other team members to view. Instead of having disjointed conversations (or not communicating at all), staff pick up where their teammates left off and nurture leads right away.

Screenshot of the the Notes collaboration tool on the Lead Retrieval App.

4. Review real-time metrics

See activity in real-time on a lead management dashboard. This dashboard summarizes key metrics, such as total scans and average lead quality, for faster decision-making. This also creates transparency — event organizers see the same data as their sponsors and exhibitors. Moreover, the dashboard empowers booth staff to self-manage. A team lead can track each scanner’s performance and make adjustments as needed.

Screenshot of a lead management dashboard on the Lead Retrieval App.

5. Export leads to CRM

Instantly export leads to a CRM-friendly spreadsheet to show ROI. Event teams can push leads into their sales pipelines at any moment, all wirelessly through the cloud. That sets up sales and marketing teams to follow up with leads when they’re warmest. If an executive not in attendance wants to see how things are going, event teams can quickly provide that visibility, either through exporting their leads or sharing the dashboard.

At 1 pm in the event’s timezone (or 1 pm EST if no timezone was set), two business days after the event ends, sponsors and exhibitors using Lead Retrieval also get an email with a link to download a CSV of the leads they collected. The email includes a link to the Metrics page that they can share with their team.

Screenshot of Lead Retrieval Metrics on the mobile app, with arrows pointing to CRMs.

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