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Promote Lead Retrieval to Exhibitors
Promote Lead Retrieval to Exhibitors
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For exhibitors, collecting leads is one of the most important parts of having a booth at an event, and they'll gladly pay for a system that simplifies collecting those leads. At Webex Events, we believe monetizing lead retrieval should be as easy as deploying it. This article offers tips for promoting Lead Retrieval to your exhibitors so they know what they're getting and how it works.

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Exhibitor benefits

We've outlined five main benefits to highlight when promoting Lead Retrieval to exhibitors. There are even more resources at the end of this article to further help your promotional efforts! 👇

1. No extra hardware

Use a phone or tablet to quickly scan leads without any extra hardware to rent. The powerful Lead Retrieval by Webex Events app is compatible with iOS and Android, and it scans the QR code on an attendee’s printed or digital badge. If an attendee doesn't have a badge, use the app to snap a picture of their business card and enter their information manually!

2. User-friendly

Scan badges to capture leads — it's that simple. Attendee information auto-fills the lead profile so you can focus on talking with attendees instead of entering data.

A smartphone screen showing the Lead Quality section of a lead profile.

3. Collaborative

Invite as many people to your team as you want — no extra licenses required. Everyone on the team can review and edit attendee lead profiles. Instead of having disjointed conversations, staff can pick up where their teammates left off and nurture leads right away, the right way.

A smartphone screen showing the Lead Quality section of a lead profile.

4. Data-enriched

Beyond gathering basic attendee information and taking notes, you can also easily add or edit more information gleaned from your conversation with the lead. Take and upload photos, add social handles, and update existing information any time to build a complete picture.

5. Reporting

As you scan leads, the metrics dashboard shows exactly how you and your team are performing in real time, and you can share your metrics in real time, too! Key metrics like total scans and average lead quality are summarized for fast decision-making. Plus, you can instantly export leads to a CRM-friendly spreadsheet and show Return on Investment (ROI).

The Lead Retrieval data dashboard displayed on a tablet.


Video for exhibitors

This 2.5-minute video provides and overview of the Lead Retrieval by Webex Events app and the process that exhibitors follow when using it. It also highlights the key benefits of capturing leads with the app, including viewing, sharing, and exporting metrics. Click the button below to watch!

Help Center for exhibitors

We have a simple help center specifically for exhibitors using our Lead Retrieval solution, with how-tos for everything they'll need. We send your exhibitors the link to our Lead Retrieval Help Center in their welcome email after they've said "yes" to Lead Retrieval.

Blog for event organizers and decision makers

This blog covers How a Lead Retrieval App Lifts Event ROI — a lofty title, and we live up to the hype! 😉

Next steps

Now that you've shown your exhibitors how Lead Retrieval works and why it's awesome, it's time to sign them up for Lead Retrieval. Either pre-purchase Lead Retrieval licenses and then invite exhibitors to Lead Retrieval one by one, or set up purchase forms so exhibitors can self-serve purchasing licenses.

Pro tip! 😎

Don't forget the value of metrics to get exhibitors to sign up year after year! A quick email like this can go a long way: "You collected 200 4-star leads last year. Amazing! We can't wait to see what you'll do this year."

Want even more information on how best to promote Lead Retrieval to your exhibitors? Reach out to your Webex Events contact for a personalized strategy conversation!

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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