The Socio team is excited to introduce our newest feature - the App Guide

The App Guide feature provides event app users with easy access to our extensive Event App Help Center, including feature walk-through articles as well as networking best practices. Like you, we want your attendees to get the most out of your event app!

Whether your event app goals include increasing interaction, engagement, and sponsorship ROI, or simplifying the distribution of information, the App Guide will aid in these efforts by ensuring all attendees can use your event app to the utmost advantage. For more info, check out the below! 👇

You invest in your event app for a number of reasons - all of which require your attendees to engage with it! While it may be clear to you why you implemented your event app, some attendees may be unsure of how to get the most out of the app. Enter: the App Guide.

While we work to ensure our app is easy to navigate and intuitive for attendees to use, there will always be folks who want a walkthrough! We've got them covered.

Others will be engaging with the app already, but interested in making sure they're using all of the features to the best advantage. We've got them covered too. 👍 

The App Guide feature furthers your event app goals by:

  • Articulating the value-add of the app features and increasing interaction with them

  • Prompting your attendees to engage and providing best practices for doing so

  • Reducing the strain on your event staff by ensuring attendees know how to get the information they need out of the app

It's simple! Add the App Guide to your event in the Socio Platform today. 

Feel free to chat us below, schedule a call with one of our event tech experts, or if you already have an event set up, learn more about incorporating the App Guide feature in your event!


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