Both the Socio Event App and Branded Event App are multi-event apps, which means they can contain more than one event or community. For a definition of the My Events page and the My Apps page, what each is used for, and where to find them in the Platform, check out the information below! 👇

My Events / My Apps navigation

Screenshot showing the Event App product menu expanded in the Socio Platform.

The Event App drop-down lets you select a workspace to work in - My Events, or My Apps. The My Events page opens by default once you sign into the Socio Platform.

My Events

Screenshot of the My Events page on the Platform.

The My Events page is where you create the content that your attendees interact with inside your Event App. This includes event features, such as the Agenda, Attendees, and more! Check out more information on Getting Started Creating Your Event.

Attendees download the appropriate app (either the Socio Event App container or your Branded App) and sign up for the app. After signing up, they can search for your event and join it to access the content. The browser-based Web App version of the Event App is also available as an alternative to downloading the mobile app.

Each event has its own attendee list, privacy setting, and content.

My Apps

The My Apps page is where you build and customize your own Branded Mobile App to house your Events and Communities. Using a Branded App instead of the standard Socio Event App requires extra setup time, graphics, and coordination with Socio staff. Check out Building and Submitting your Branded Mobile App for more information.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you're using the Socio Event App for your event, then there's no need to venture into the My Apps page - you're all set! The My Apps page only applies to Branded App customers. If you're not sure if you have a Branded App, please reach out to your Socio contact!

Now that you know the difference between the My Apps and My Events pages, explore our overview of Event and Community features and start building out your Event App!

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