Both the Socio Event App and Branded Event App are multi-event apps, which means they can contain more than one event. For a definition of the My Events page and My Apps page, what each is used for, and where each can be found in the Socio Platform, check out the below!

My Events 

The My Events page is where you create the content that your attendees will interact with in your event app. This includes the event features, such as the Agenda, Attendees, and more! Check out this article for more info on Getting Started Creating Your Event.

Attendees will download the appropriate app (either the Socio Event App container, or your Branded App) and sign up for the app. They will search for your event, and join the event in order to access the content.

Each event has its own attendee list, privacy setting, and content.

My Apps

The My Apps page is where Branded Event App customers can build and customize their own app, which will contain their events. There are only a couple questions required for building a Branded Event App, but there are some special requirements and timelines you need to take into consideration. Check out this article for more info on Getting Started Building Your App!

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you are using the Socio Event App for your event, then there's no need to venture into the My Apps page - you're all set! The My Apps page only applies to Branded App customers. If you're not sure if you have a Branded App, please reach out to your Socio contact!

My Events / My Apps Navigation

The Event App drop-down allows you to select a workspace to work in - My Events, or My Apps. You will be taken to the My Events page by default once you sign into the Socio Platform.

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