Choosing between the Socio Event App (aka "Container App") or a Branded Event App (aka "White-Label" App) for your event can be tough - but it doesn't have to be! Both are multi-event apps, which means they can contain more than one event. We're here to guide you through the choice and determine which is the perfect fit for you and your event. 👍 Check out our top six considerations listed below!

1. App Download Experience

When using the Socio Event App, attendees will download Socio from the app store and search for your event. When using a Branded Event App, attendees will download your app from the app store. 

We create an Event Promo Page that acts as a landing page for each event, with links to your event and a QR code for easy downloading. We recommend you share the Event Promo Page with attendees instead of having them search for your app!

2. Appearance

The Socio Event App has an orange theme color, and the app icon is the Socio logo. However, it's still very customizable, with custom icons, banners, and more! 

In the Branded Event App, you have control over the theme color, app icon, and splash screen. If branding is a high priority for your event, the Branded Event App option should be very appealing!

3. Sign Up, Log In, and Social Experience

Attendees can sign up for the Socio Event App using their email address, social accounts (Email, Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn). iPhone users will also have the option to sign in with their Apple account.

With the Branded Event App, you have more control over your app user experience. You have the option to allow attendees to sign up and log in with their email and social accounts (same as the Social Event App), their email only, social accounts only, or even Single Sign-On (SSO)!

⭐️ Keep in mind, SSO is an additional cost add-on feature.

Branded event apps also get access to Shake to Connect!

4. Cost

The Branded Event App is a more expensive option than the Socio Event App, due to the resources involved in submitting and publishing the app. The Socio Event App is perfect for events with a tight tech budget. If budget supersedes branding for your event, the Socio Event App is a great option.

5. Time commitment

Events can be published to the Socio Event App instantly! The Socio Event App is a great option if you're on a tight deadline and need a quick turn-around with a fabulous result.

In recent years, Apple changed their rules for branded apps. The event organizer/organization must now have their own Apple Developer account, which can take 2-4 weeks to set up. During or after this, you must submit the app details to our team to build, including the splash screen and theme color. Then, we will submit the app to Apple for review before it is published, which can take 2-14 business days. For more info about the Apple Developer Program, check this out.

⭐️ Keep in mind, after you submit your branded app, you won't be able to edit your event until the app's status has changed to "Waiting for App Store Approval".

With either option, once your event is published to your app, any updates will be shown immediately in the app. 

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend you block off two weeks for testing and launching to attendees before your event. 

6. Effort

After or while you are getting your Apple Developer Account, there are a few items we need from you to build your app.

  • App Name

  • App Icon

  • App Label

  • App Description

  • Home Screen Name

  • Splash Screens (iPhone and Android)

  • Theme Color

Ensure that you have the time work with your team to create these before deciding on a Branded Event App.

We are happy to have a targeted discussion about the pros and cons for each of these options in regard to your event. Don't hesitate to reach out to your Socio contact! 😃

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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