Socio's RegFox integration allows you to seamlessly sync attendee data between systems. It enhances your event building experience by allowing you to effortlessly bring over attendees from your RegFox event, into the Socio attendee list. It also reduces error with manual input.

The standard integration we provide for RegFox as well as some best practices that we recommend are outlined below. For any additional functionality, reach out to your Socio contact!

About RegFox

RegFox is an event registration software created by Webconnex, founded in 2008. RegFox provides event registration services at a low cost to its customers.

How RegFox integrates with Socio

  • Setup is simple! After we receive the credentials and integration details, we'll confirm that all needed information is collected. After that, we'll set up the standard integration within 5 business days.

  • See below for more information on how to access your API Key. Once you have your API Key, send it to your Socio contact.

  • The integration will pull updates from RegFox every 5 minutes.

RegFox to Socio Field Mappings

The standard RegFox integration pulls the following data points from RegFox registrations:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Registration Options

Upon request, some form data may also be included in the integration at no additional cost. These data points consist of common elements that can be added to your RegFox page, such as:

  • Text Field

  • Multiple Choice

  • Checkbox

Let your Socio contact know if you'd like us to pull over these data points.

As an additional cost add-on, the following fields may also be included in the integration:

  • Phone, Work Phone or Cell Phone

⭐️ Keep in mind, you must request any additional fields you'd like included in your integration.

How to Access Your RegFox API Key

We require the following information in order to configure the RegFox integration:

  • API Key

To begin, log into your RegFox account and follow the instructions from RegFox. Send the API Key to your Socio contact using a secure method.

RegFox Resources and Help

Need help with RegFox? Visit their Help Center to access their resources! You can also schedule a call to talk to the RegFox customer support.

Common Questions

What are some common field mappings from RegFox that don't incur additional costs?

Below are some examples that we have seen:

  • Job Title

  • Company/Organization

  • Grouping by Multiple Choice (e.g. Which of the following programs are you most interested in)

  • Filtering through Checkbox (e.g. Do you consent to sharing this information to a third party)

Why are there missing attendees?

This is often caused by group registrations, or one person purchasing multiple registrations.

What happens when a single person purchased the registrations in bulk?

When a single person purchases multiple registrations, only a single email is supplied. As each Socio account requires a unique email, only one registrant will be pulled over to Socio. To remedy this issue, please edit the registrants to have unique emails.

What happens if we have multiple pages set up for one Event?

By default, we only pull over registrations from one form/page to one Socio event. If your RegFox uses a special setup, please consult your Socio contact.


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