Live polls and Q&A empower your sponsors and speakers to engage with audiences in a wide variety of ways, allowing attendees to feel engaged and heard without sacrificing anonymity. Whether your event is in-person, hybrid, or virtual, presenters can see replies instantly and then use the information to tailor their presentation and facilitate important speaker-attendee interactions.

Socio includes flexible and engaging Live Polling and Live Q&A on sessions and Live Streams with your event or community. If you're looking for different functionality, we get it! As an alternative, you can seamlessly include 3rd-party polling/Q&A in your event. Keep reading to learn how. 📖

⭐️ Keep in mind, we partner with and highly recommend Slido! For more info on Slido, check this out.

Live Polling and Live Q&A Software

Any polling or Q&A provider that offers an embed link can be incorporated into a Socio Event App. There are many providers to choose from, including free and paid offerings. Some additional providers include:

⭐️ Keep in mind, some of these options offer free tiers, but most events will require a paid version.

How to

The method you use to include 3rd-party Q&A and polling in your event depends on the type of event and your needs. Keep reading to learn a bit about your options and use the links in each section for instructions on setting up each related feature.

Custom Tab

If you want to show polls or Q&A during live streams, it's easy! When you create an Agenda session or Live Stream feature, you can turn on the Custom Tab option and then paste in a link. This embeds the poll/Q&A into the Event App so Web App attendees can interact with Slido without leaving the live stream! Mobile App attendees who tap the custom tab will see the Poll/Q&A in their device's default browser.

Screenshot of a Slido poll embedded as a Custom Tab in an Agenda session.

Custom tab isn't just useful for sessions with live streams. It's a great option for any Agenda session, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

The Web Link feature is perfect for when you want to highlight a single overall poll/Q&A that isn't tied to a specific session. For more info on the Web Link feature, check this out!

Screenshots showing a Live Polls and Q and A feature and a question inside the feature on the Mobile App.

Web List

The Web List feature can be a great solution when you have multiple sessions happening at the same time. Each session/room can have a separate link, and attendees simply select the correct one for the session they're attending. For more info on the Web List feature, check this out!

Screenshot of a Web List feature renamed as Polls and Q and A. There are three options for several different sessions.

External Links let you link to polls from a wide variety of places in your event or community. Link the poll or Q&A page to sponsor or speaker profiles and more! For more info on External Links, check this out.

Screenshot of the Links section of an agenda item in the Mobile App.

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Consider polling the audience on their experience level with the discussion topic, and tailoring the session accordingly. Your audience will thank you.

  • Place a poll at a time when you are getting ready to set up a point that you really want them to recall long term.

  • Consider how polling can help your audience think about a topic differently.

  • Consider how the results will be incorporated into the discussion.

  • Test your solution, especially if you won't be running it - Slido has some great resources for this! This is also a great time to familiarize your speakers with the functionality of the tool you are using.

  • Live Q&A via the Mobile App is a great way to supplement traditional Q&A (raised hands, walking around the room). Feel free to seed some questions ahead of time to get the party started!

Want more ideas on how to use live polls and Q&A to facilitate your event goals? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager!

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