Everyone benefits from live polls and live Q&A! 

Live polls and live Q&A allow presenters or facilitators to ask attendees their opinion, let them vote instantly from any device, and maximize Q&A time without walking around the room! Live polls and live Q&A also boost attendee's sense of engagement with the event, and ensure attendees feel heard with the comfort of anonymity. 

Presenters get timely feedback, information and questions from their audience, allowing them to tailor their presentation and facilitate important speaker-attendee interactions - all from the app!

Live Polling and Live Q&A Software

Socio offers flexible and engaging Live Polling and Live Q&A on sessions and Live Streams, free of charge. If you are looking for different functionality, we also partner with Slido! For more info on Slido, check this out.

However, any polling or Q&A provider that provides a link to complete the poll/Q&A can be incorporated in the Socio Event App. There are many providers to choose from, including free and paid offerings. Some additional providers include:

⭐️ Keep in mind, some of these options offer free tiers, but most events will require a paid version.


Any polling or Q&A provider that provides a link can be used with your event app. Simply add a Web Link or Web List feature and copy/paste the link, or use External Links to link directly in a session!

The Web Link feature is a great option when you want to highlight a single overall event poll/Q&A link. For more info on the Web Link feature, check this out!

Web List

The Web List feature is perfect when you have multiple sessions happening concurrently. Each session/room can have a separate link. For more info on the Web List feature, check this out!

External Links are an alternative to the Web List. The poll/Q&A page can be linked directly to the session in the agenda. For more info on External Links, check this out!

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Consider polling the audience on their experience level with the discussion topic, and tailoring the session accordingly. Your audience will thank you.

  • Place a poll at a time when you are getting ready to set up a point that you really want them to recall long term.

  • Consider how polling can help your audience think about a topic differently.

  • Consider how the results will be incorporated into the discussion.

  • Test your solution the day before, especially if you won't be running it - Slido has some great resources for this! This is also a great time to familiarize your speakers with the functionality of the tool you are using.

  • Live Q&A via the app is a great way to supplement traditional Q&A (raised hands, walking around the room). Feel free to have some questions added!

Want more ideas on how to use live polls and Q&A to facilitate your event goals? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager!


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