At Socio, we want to help make your event a success for you and your attendees. That success hinges on what both parties expect to get out of the event. So before publicizing your event app, here are some important things to consider!

Get Back to Goals 

What are your goals for your event? What makes people want to attend?

When deciding how you would like to present your event app to your attendees, it's important to address these two questions. A couple of examples are below, but be sure to come up with your own:

Event Organizers’ Goals

  • Engage attendees to get the most out of your event

  • Help them make meaningful connections

  • Streamline the event experience for your entire audience

  • Give Sponsors and Exhibitors the recognition they deserve

  • Keep attendees updated in real time

  • Reduce paper and printing costs

  • Improve your next event with feedback and analytics 

Attendees’ Goals

  • Step away from routine to be inspired to think bigger picture 

  • Network or generate business leads

  • Gain valuable knowledge and skills from educational sessions 

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Stay up to date on their field’s latest trends, information, and products 

  • Have fun and enjoy the experience

Encourage Event App Adoption

Why should you strive to get your app into as many attendees’ hands as possible? It’s proven that attendees have a better overall event experience when there’s an app! Here are some benefits:

  • View the Agenda details digitally

  • Create their own personal Agenda

  • See who is attending and make connections

  • Interact via polls, Q&A sessions, event games, and social walls

  • Navigate the venue easily using interactive maps

  • Get real-time updates and announcements throughout the event

Even before they arrive at your venue, attendees can start reaping the benefits of your app! 

  • Plan which sessions they’ll attend 

  • Ensure seats in any limited-capacity session

  • Jumpstart on networking and even schedule meetings

  • Receive updates leading up to the event via push notifications rather than emails

By clearly conveying how valuable your app is, your attendees will be more likely to download and benefit from all you are offering.

Launch and Promote

Now you can promote your event app, keeping both you and your attendees’ goals front and center! Checkout our Best Practices for Launching and Promoting your App for  specific ideas around promoting your app. After you’ve determined your promotion strategy, check out our templates for app download instructions!

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