Checkout these quick setup tips and requirements below to make sure Live Display is ready to go!

Internet Connection

The Wi-Fi connection at your event will be sufficient for the device running Live Display. However, if using Wi-Fi, you should always have a backup plan to ensure you'll stay connected.

  • We recommend a hardwire or LAN connection directly into the presenter laptop to ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection.

  • On the day of the event, a stable or dedicated connection is recommended for devices accessing the Socio Platform.

  • A great backup option is to carry a smartphone with an active mobile data plan to quickly set up a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Presentation Device Requirements

The Live Display screen will run in most browsers as long as the computer has a stable Internet Connection. Double check the items below or send them over to your AV Team!

  • Please use a device with 2GB or more of RAM. Make sure the device is not running other unnecessary software/programs.

  • Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

  • Double check all Screen Saver, Energy Saver, and Sleep settings on the device to make sure it doesn't automatically turn off or go to sleep. 

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