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Live Display Device Setup
Live Display Device Setup

Hardware requirements and instructions for deploying Live Display at your event

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Live Display is a great way to boost engagement and inform attendees about what's happening at your event in real-time. Live Display works with devices that have web browsing capabilities and a stable internet connection. This article outlines device and network requirements and gives instructions for connecting Live Display to your venue's screens. 📺

💡 Keep in mind, if you haven't configured Live Display yet, follow the instructions in our Live Display Setup Basics article to set it up.

Live Display on a television screen showing posts from the Wall feature.

Device requirements

To show Live Display at your venue, you must open the Live Display link in a web browser on a computer or other device that's connected to a monitor, TV, or projector. Here are some important items to keep in mind:

  • The computer or device running the browser should have 2GB or more of RAM and be plugged into AC power.

  • We highly recommend showing Live Display on Chrome. However, Safari and Firefox also work well with Live Display.

  • Make sure the device isn't running other unnecessary software or programs.

  • Deactivate the screen saver, energy saver, and automatic sleep settings on the device to make sure it doesn't automatically turn off or go to sleep.

Internet connection

We recommend running a hardwired or LAN connection directly into the computer or device that's connected to each display. This ensures a stable and uninterrupted connection. The Wi-Fi connection at the venue may be enough, though we recommend having a mobile hotspot as a backup option in case of connection interruptions.

Show Live Display on a device

Now that you've configured Live Display and know all about device requirements and internet connection, it's time to start showing it on your devices!

1. Copy the Shareable Link

  1. In your Event navigation bar, click Live Display.

  2. On the Manage Live Display page, click the Get Shareable Link button.

    • If you can't click the 'Get Shareable Link' button, this means you have unsaved edits. Simply click Publish Changes in the top right corner of the screen to access the shareable link.

  3. In the modal that appears, click the Copy button.

    The Get Shareable Link button and modal.

2. Launch Live Display

  1. When you're ready to start showing Live Display on a screen, open the Live Display link in a web browser on a computer or other web-enabled device.

  2. Connect each device to the screens you'll use for Live Display.

  3. Set each device to project on the connected screen(s) and put the Live Display browser window in full-screen mode.

Your attendees will now experience Live Display projected throughout your venue! Make any needed changes to Live Display content at any time and click Publish Changes to instantly reflect the updates on all screens.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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