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Invite Webex Events to Your Apple Developer Account
Invite Webex Events to Your Apple Developer Account

Apple Developer Account Step 3

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Welcome to Step 3 in our article series about setting up your Apple Developer account for your Branded App. At this point, you have your D-U-N-S number, you've enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, and you're ready to invite Webex Events to your Apple Developer Account!

🤔 Not sure what we're talking about? Read our Introduction to Branded Apps to learn more.

🤷 Not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program yet? Follow the steps in our Prepare Your Apple Developer Account article to enroll!

Invite Webex Events as App Manager

Use your Apple ID to log in to the Apple App Store Connect Users and Access page.

On the Users and Access page, click the Plus (+) icon to add a new user.

The Users and Access page with an arrow pointing to the Plus icon.

Enter the following information:

In the Roles section, check the App Manager box. This automatically selects all other check boxes under Roles except 'Admin' and 'Finance'.

💡 Keep in mind, 'App Manager' is the minimum role we require. However, we recommend that you also give us 'Sales' and 'Customer Support' roles so that we can best support you.

Be careful to check the Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles box in the 'Additional Resources' section.

The New User page. The appropriate boxes are checked and fields are filled in.

Click Invite when you're done.

Once we've accepted the invite, Webex Events will appear listed as an authorized user on the Users and Access page.

The Webex Events Team on the Apple Developer Users and Access page.

Next Steps

Now that you've invited our team to your Apple Developer account, you're ready for the last step — publishing your Branded App! Click the button below to learn how.

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