Who needs an Apple Developer Account?

Apple requires that the Developer Account is set up by the organization who is the owner or provider of the content within the app.

⭐️Keep in mind, for third-party event planners, this means that the client will need to set up the Developer Account in their organization's name!

Why do I need an Apple Developer Account? 

An Apple Developer Account is required by Apple in order to create, publish, and maintain a Branded Event App for your organization's events. If you are using our non-branded container app, the Socio Event App, you do NOT need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program.

What do I need to enroll?

To enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an organization, you will need to meet all the requirements as posted on Apple's website available here. Before getting started, we recommend you check the following:

  1. Be sure your organization meets the requirements listed on Apple's website and below.

  2. You must have an Apple device (ex: iPhone, iPad, or Mac) with Two-Factor Authentication enabled. 

Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

Once you have verified that you and your organization are eligible to enroll, you can follow the steps below to get the ball rolling.

1. Create or use an Existing Apple ID

The first step in enrolling for the Apple Developer Program will be to choose or create an Apple ID to use for the Apple Developer Program. This Apple ID will need to be tied to an Apple Device for Two-Factor Authentication and also will need to be owned by a member (employee or similar) of the organization that is applying. It is sometimes easier to use your already existing Apple ID, but make sure you don't use an existing ID that's tied to a personal email. To create a new Apple ID, click here

2. Enable 2-Factor Authentication

As a security measure, Apple requires that Two-Factor authentication be enabled for enrollment. If 2-factor authentication is not enabled on your device, learn how to enable it here

It is important to note that this requires an Apple device and is not the same thing as Two-Step Verification. For more info, check this out.

3. Enroll as an Organization

Once you have your new Apple ID created on an Apple device and have enabled Two-Factor Authentication, it's time to enroll by clicking here!

Please see the common questions and concerns at the bottom of the page if you encounter any issues during your enrollment. Once your enrollment has been submitted, it generally takes 3-5 business days to be processed. Once you have been approved, you are ready to Grant Socio Access!

Contacting Apple Developer Support

If you are having issues or have some questions while registering for the Apple Developer Account, the best and fastest way to get an answer is to use Apple's support (email and phone). 

After visiting Apple Contact page, (https://developer.apple.com/contact) you should select Member and Account and select Program Enrollment. From there you can submit an email request or request a phone call from Apple. We recommend requesting a phone call. 

The hours and type of support that Apple offers varies by country. Visit this page to see Apple support hours.

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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