Printing badges with QR Codes can be accomplished with many types of software. Conference Badge lets you easily customize the size, design and other information on your badges. Follow the steps below to export your data from our Lead Retrieval tool and print badges using Conference Badge.

You will also receive 10% off when you use the following code with Conference Badge: SOCIO10XR.

1. Export QR Codes

Log in to the Socio Platform, and access your Lead Retrieval event. Click the QR Codes button, and then click Download QR Codes in the modal that appears.

A notification appears letting you know the export is in progress. When the export is done, a new notification appears. Click the Click here to download link to download the .xlsx file. If you missed the notification, click the bell icon in the upper right corner next to the Help button.

2. Create a New Event in Conference Badge

Go to and log into your account or create a new one. From the Live Events tab, click the New Event from Excel button to get started. 

Follow the process for creating your new event, and upload the file from Socio at the appropriate time.

3. Match Columns 

After you select the file on your computer, you must match columns from the attendees list you're importing to the correct values in Conference Badge. 

Most items will map automatically, but there are some fields you'll have to match manually. All bolded items below will need to be changed manually: 

  • Unique Identifier → Keep this column

  • First Name → First name

  • Last Name → Last Name

  • Full Name → Full name

  • Email Address → Email

  • Title → Keep this column

  • Company → Company

  • QR Code → Keep this column

  • Photo → Image URL

  • Summary → Keep this column

4. Design and Customize Your Badges

You're now ready to start building and designing custom badges with the information from Socio! If you have any questions, be sure to check out the Conference Badge Documentation. Also, don't forget to get 10% off by using the following code: SOCIO10XR.

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