Once you activate Lead Retrieval for one of your events, you are all set to start inviting your exhibitors! Learn how to invite and manage your exhibitors below. 

Invite an Exhibitor 

Lead Retrieval → Your Event → Invite Exhibitor

Select an Exhibitor from Your Event App

You will be able to select any of the sponsors or exhibitors you have added to your event app to receive an invitation to Lead Retrieval. Note: Before inviting exhibitors, you will need to add at least one item to either an Exhibitor or Sponsor feature. 

Booth Admin

The booth admin will be the person in charge of setting up Lead Retrieval for the exhibitor you have invited. Once invited, the Booth Admin will receive an email with a specific set of instructions on How To Get Started. You can only invite one Booth Admin for each exhibitor. The Booth Admin oversees setting up their booth staff and inviting additional members.

Manage Invited and Active Exhibitors

Invited Exhibitors

After inviting a Booth Admin for an exhibitor, their status will change to Invited. This means they have received the email but have not downloaded the app or set up their account for the event. 

As long as an exhibitor is in the Invited status, you can choose to Resend Invite or Delete Invite

Active Exhibitors

An exhibitor’s status will change to Active once they have joined the event in the Lead Retrieval App. Now the exhibitor is in control! 

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