The Lead Retrieval by Socio app empowers your on-site exhibitors to capture leads like never before in a simple, intuitive, collaborative app. Getting up and running with Lead Retrieval is easy! Simply follow the steps below to get started.

Not sure what lead retrieval is? Check this out.

Before you begin...

Lead Retrieval leverages the data from your Socio Event App, so make sure you've created and published your event. If you're not using the Lead Retrieval Purchase Form, it's simplest to add Sponsor and Exhibitor profiles to the event beforehand, though this can also be done later.

Activate Lead Retrieval

From any page in the Socio Platform, click the Lead Retrieval button in the header, then click Activate Lead Retrieval. In the modal that appears, select the event from which Lead Retrieval should pull attendee data, then click Next.

Finally, choose a team with active Lead Retrieval credits, and click Activate to finish.

⭐ Keep in mind, if you need licenses or credits, reach out to us via Live Chat, or email

Now, you're ready to start adding and inviting your exhibitors!

Adding exhibitors

There are two ways Exhibitors can be added to Lead Retrieval - through the Lead Retrieval Purchase Form, or manually. This article shows how to add and invite exhibitors manually. For information on how to set up and use the Lead Retrieval Purchase Form, check this out.

⭐️ Keep in mind, before you can invite Lead Retrieval Admins, you must first add a corresponding Sponsor or Exhibitor profile to your Socio Event.

Invite Exhibitor

From any page in the Socio Platform, click the Lead Retrieval tab.

Screenshot of the product navigation bar. Lead Retrieval is indicated.

On the Lead Retrieval page, locate and click on the event for which you'd like to invite Exhibitors. On the event page, click Invite Exhibitor.

Screenshot of the Exhibitors tab of the Lead Retrieval page for an event. The Invite Exhibitor button is indicated.

In the modal that appears, start by selecting one of the Sponsors or Exhibitors from your Event. Next, enter the new Admin's First and Last names and Email address. The Admin will receive the Lead Retrieval invitation at this email and use it to log into the Lead Retrieval App.

Screenshot of the Invite Exhibitor modal.

If you want to invite another Admin or add Booth Staff for the same exhibitor, click the Add More Booth Staff button. Fill in the fields for the new invitee, and choose whether they're a Staff member or an Admin. You can add as many Admins and Staff as you choose. Click Send Invitation when you're done.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Admins can invite other Admins and Staff, so you don't have to add everyone yourself. You can also add more Admins and Staff later by clicking on the Exhibitor in the list.

Manage Invited and Active Exhibitors

After inviting at least one Booth Admin for an Exhibitor, the Exhibitor status will change to Invited. This means they've received the email but haven't downloaded the app or set up their account for the event. Once an Admin has logged into Lead Retrieval, the status will switch to Active.

⭐️ Keep in mind, exhibitors added via the Purchase Form always appear as Active.

Screenshot of the Exhibitors page after some Exhibitors have been invited. The settings icon for one of them has been clicked.

You can click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to an Exhibitor whose status is Invited to resend or delete the invite. Active Exhibitors only have the option to Export. You can also click on an Exhibitor name to view all the Admins and Staff for that Exhibitor, invite more Admins with the Invite link, and see Metrics.

Screenshot of an exhibitor page.

Once an exhibitor is Active, the Admin is in control!


After Exhibitors have started collecting leads, you can click on the Metrics tab to see overall Metrics for all Exhibitors or drill down to one in particular.

Use the dropdown on the top left side to select a specific Exhibitor, and use the dropdown on the top right side to filter by time. Click the Share Metrics link and copy the URL to share the Lead Retrieval Metrics with others too!

The top-level metrics show Total Scans, number of New Leads, Average Lead Quality, and number Active Exhibitors. Below these, there's a graph that shows Leads Retrieved by Hour, Day, Week, and Month.

Screenshot of the Lead Quality, Lead Status, and Top Exhibitors charts.

At the bottom, you'll see the Lead Quality and Lead Status pie charts and the Top Exhibitors chart where each Exhibitor is ranked by Total Scans and New Leads.

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