Your events excite, educate, and inform attendees. You connect and bring them together, and stimulate new business for your vendors. Simply put, your events drive people to take action!

What if there was a way to motivate and raise engagement even further? With the power of gamification there is!

What is Gamification?

Gamification is applying the competitive nature and structure of gaming to things outside the world of entertainment, allowing you to create an even more fun, exciting, and memorable experience for your attendees than you already do. 

Meet Socio Event Gamification 🎉

Create challenges and encourage attendees to participate in more ways while generating value with rewards and competition.

  • Want to drive traffic to your top sponsor? ✅

  • Want to inject some friendly fun into your event atmosphere? ✅ 

  • Want to incentivize networking amongst your attendees? ✅ 

  • Want to increase optional session attendance? ✅

It's simple! Add an Event Game in the Socio Platform today. 

Excited to see how gamification can change your event? Feel free to chat us below, schedule a call with one of our event tech experts, or if you already have an event set up, learn more about how to create and set up your game!

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