We make app updates available regularly in order to provide the best experience for you and your attendees. Updating your apps gives you access to the latest features and improves the app experience and stability. You can request that we update your app to the latest version at a time that you believe is best for both yourself and your attendees. Once you request an update, it usually takes 2 - 14 days for that update to become live on the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store. 

Follow the steps below to navigate to and update your app.

Event App → My Apps → Your App → Settings Icon → Update

Check in the top right corner of your app to see if you have an update. You will see a dot alert indicator if there is an update pending to your app. If you do not see this indicator, it means you are currently on the latest version!

In order to update, simply select the settings icon where the indicator is and select Update from the drop-down menu.

Once your select Update, you'll be prompted to review your app details. You may be required to update fields to align with new requirements. On the Review page, check out how your app will look to attendees. Make sure you like the way it looks and make any changes now, before you submit! When you're ready, click the Submit App button.

Your app will return to the Update Pending status. After that, it will go through the remaining statuses, which you can learn more about here. Your app will remain functional while it is being updated.

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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