We're constantly working to make our products better and better for you and your attendees, and that means that your branded app may need to be updated from time to time. Updating your apps gives you access to the latest features and improves the app experience and stability. Use this process to update your branded app to the latest and greatest. 💪 ⏫

On any page in the Socio platform, click the Event App dropdown and select My Apps.

Screenshot of the Socio platform with the Event App dropdown expanded and My Apps indicated.

On the next page, look at the Settings (⚙️) icon to see if there's a red exclamation next to it. If there is, click the Settings icon, and select Update.

If there isn't a red exclamation, your app is up to date! 👋 Bye!

After you select Update, you'll see exactly the same pages you saw when you built your branded event app. You may be required to update fields to align with new requirements, so carefully look through each step. On the Review page, check out how your app will look to attendees to make sure you like the way it looks before you submit!

Showing "Not Connected" under Configurations

If you see this message, it means you need to accept new Apple Terms of Service. If you are an existing customer who already has an approved app and granted Socio admin access to your Apple Developer Accounts (which we recommend), then you don't need to re-invite Socio to your Apple Developer Account. Instead, just sign into your account and accept any new agreements. If you have not yet granted Socio admin access, check out this article for more information.

When you're ready to submit your changes, click the Submit App Updates button.

⭐️Keep in mind, you must click the Submit App Updates button to finish the submission process!

Your app will return to the Processing status. After that, it will go through the remaining statuses, which you can learn more about here. Your app will remain functional and available to attendees while it is being updated, provided it was not too far out to date in the first place.

Once you request an update, it usually takes 2-14 days for that update to become live on the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store.

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