Getting time-sensitive information to your attendees can be difficult. With our Announcements feature, you will never have to scramble to set up microphones or coordinate announcements with your team again. Whether it's for a last-minute change, an important reminder, or to drive eyes to your sponsors, learn how to use Announcements to send push notifications directly to your attendees' devices below.

How do I send an Announcement

You can get started by navigating to the Announcements screen by selecting your event from the My Events screen. 

Important: The Announcements page is only available once your event is in the Published state.

How do I create and customize my Announcement

After selecting New Announcement, start populating your message and all the various options. The options can be seen below with a full description.


This option allows you to select who the message will appear to be coming from. In most cases, the announcement will usually appear as it is coming from your event, but it will also allow you to select any Sponsor you have added. 


This option allows you to select who will receive this announcement. By default, it is sent to All Attendees. If you are using Groups from the Users & Groups page, you will be able to select 1 or more groups of attendees for a more personalized and direct experience. 


This is where you will write the message to your attendees. There is no text limit on this, but we recommend you keep it relatively brief.

Link (Optional)

This option allows you to drive traffic to a specific website. Include a link to a website, that will directly open when the announcement or push notification is clicked on. 


This option allows you to control when you would like to send the announcement. You can select Send Now or Scheduled Time. When select Send Now, the announcement will be sent to all attendees in the app at that time. If you select Scheduled Time, you will need to enter a future Send Date and Send Time for when the announcement should be sent.

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