It's important for your attendees to have the information they need to navigate and follow your event at any moment. What if they lose access to the internet? Here's what to expect if attendees' devices go offline.

Event App/Mobile App

Web App

If internet connectivity goes down or becomes unavailable, the Web App will not work for attendees.

Mobile App

Many of Socio's features will still work on Mobile, but in a degraded state.

  • Anything that relies on an internet connection, such as an external link, an embedded video on a Sponsor profile, or a PDF a user might want to download won't be available.

  • Most text aspects of the event such as Agenda information, speaker and sponsor profiles, and the Overview will still be visible if attendees need information.

  • Fully online or user interaction elements such as live streams, the Game feature, and the Wall feature will not work, and some images may not load.

Lead Retrieval

We designed the Lead Retrieval app to keep working online or offline, so you can keep collecting leads until the internet comes back. The only aspect of Lead Retrieval that won't work is syncing. Since leads collected or edited by one team member can't sync to the others, individual team members won't see changes until internet connectivity is restored. Once connectivity comes back, everything will sync up. 👍

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