It is important for your attendees to have the information they need to navigate and follow your event at any moment. This includes when they may be lacking a stable internet connection due to the venue or traveling or any other reasons. For that reason, our apps have offline support.

How does offline mode work

If an attendee has loaded information on their phone beforehand, they will continue to be able to access that information when their device goes offline as the information will be cached on their phone.  

See the examples below to see the difference between online and offline use from the view of your attendees. You will see there is almost no difference in the functionality of the app between the use of the app when offline.



Offline App Limitations

Now while the digital guide features are available, they will not be able to receive updates, interact and network with other attendees, open up Web List or Web Link items. Once they reconnect to any internet source, they will regain all functionality. 

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