The Web App is a web-based version of our Android and iPhone mobile apps. It's designed to function across any device with a browser. This is a great solution for users who want to use a laptop, tablet, or simply do not have an Android or iPhone device. For virtual events, the Web App becomes your virtual venue! The Web App is also a great option for previewing or testing your content while you are waiting for your app to be published.

The Web App is customizable, and can be distributed with security restrictions if needed. If you aren't familiar with the Web App, you can learn more about it by clicking the button below. To learn how to manage the Web App, keep reading!

Access and Share the Web App

The Web App is available once your event or community is published. If your event or community is in the Building status, you will not be able to access the Web App. Once it is Published, you can navigate to the Web App page by following these steps:

My Events → Your Event → Manage Event


Communities → Your Community → Manage Community

To share the Web App, simply enable it, click save, then click the Get Shareable Link button from the Web App screen. Once you have the link, feel free to share it with your attendees so they can access the app from all web-enabled devices! 

⭐️ Keep in mind, Socio works well with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. We strongly suggest you recommend Chrome to your attendees for the best experience.

Control, Customize, and Restrict Access

The following settings are available on the Web App page. Full descriptions of each of these settings are outlined below.👇

Enable Web App

Here you can toggle on and off the entire Web App. By default, the Web App is disabled and must be enabled for each event or community. 

Theme Color

This setting allows you to customize the theme color throughout the Web App. Select the color using the color picker, or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code of your choice.

Privacy Settings

The Privacy Settings allow you to determine how you want users to enter the Web App, and how secure the entry process to your Web App is. It also impacts the features that users have access to within it.

If set to Public, anyone with the Shareable Link can access the Web App.

The Passphrase option requires users to enter a specific passphrase that you set.

The Log In option is the most secure, and gives users access to the most features within the Web App. If selected, the same Log In options that you set for your event or community will be used for your Web App.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Privacy Setting you choose impacts not only the way that users enter the Web App, but also the features that they have access to within it.

Advanced Setting

Optionally, you can select to include a button to your Web App on the Promo Page. This makes it even easier for attendees to use the device that they choose!

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