The Web App can be completely controlled by you as the organizer of the event and distributed to your attendees with security restrictions if needed. If you aren't familiar with the Web App, you can learn more about the web app and its feature by clicking the button below otherwise continue reading to learn how to manage the web app. 

How to access and share the Web App

The Web App is available once your event is published. If your event is Building stage, you will not be able to access the Web App. Once your event is Published, you can access the control panel by selecting Web App from My Events → Select Your Event → Manage Event

To share the Web App, simply enable it and click save, then click the Get Shareable Link button from the Web App screen. Once you have the link, feel free to share that link with your attendees so they can access the app from all web-enabled devices! 

How to control, customize, and restrict access to the Web App

From the Web App screen for your event, you can see the controls on the left side. The specific settings can be seen below with a full description of each specific settings. 

Enable Web App

Here you can toggle on and off the entire web app. By default, the Web App is disabled and must be enabled for each event. 

Theme Color

This setting allows you to customize the theme color throughout the Web App to any color that you like. Feel free to select using the color picker or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code of your choice.

Privacy Setting

This setting allows you to restrict access to attendees by only allowing those who know the passphrase to access the Web App. If set to Public, anyone with the Sharable Link can access the Web App. 

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