Integrating Eventbrite allows us to populate the Users & Groups in your events when attendees register and do not require any data entry by you and your team! Please follow the steps below to share with our team your Eventbrite access so that we can integrate it with our Socio Platform.

Share with Socio

Please send the following information to Socio once you have it

  • Eventbrite Event Name(s)
  • Eventbrite Event Public URL(s)
  • Personal OAuth Token (see below)
  • Eventbrite Fields - If there is special information you would like to have passed to Socio as "Groups" or "Title / Company" or "Summary", let us know!

Find your Eventbrite Personal OAuth Token

Follow the step below to find and share your Personal OAuth Token that will be needed by our team to access your API.

Start by navigating to your Account Settings.

Select App Management from your Account Settings Menu.

Click the Create A New App button.

Enter the required information to create a new key for this app. Here are the required fields:

  • First Name - Enter your first name
  • Last Name - Enter your last name
  • Application URL -
  • Application Name - Socio
  • Description - Socio Attendees Integration

After your create your app, select Show Client Secret and OAuth Token. 

You will then be able to copy and paste Your personal OAuth token. You will need to share this with your point of contact at Socio in order for them to setup the API properly.

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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