Exporting to a spreadsheet is available for almost all features within the Socio Platform. This makes it easy to switch back and forth from working in a spreadsheet to working on the Socio Platform, save your work at any time, or export data from the Socio Platform into other third-party software. 

How to Export

In order to export, simply select all or some items in a list as shown below. Once selected, click the bulk actions button "..." and select Export

Exporting is available for all of the following features:

  • Users (Attendees)

  • Agenda

  • Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors

  • Event Game

  • Web List

  • Custom List

Use Filter to Export Specific Groups of Users and Agenda Tracks

Some features have the ability to filter the information you have added. For example, this can be extremely useful for exporting the Active (in-app) and/or Groups of users or a specific Track of sessions from your Agenda.

Simply select one or more filters from the dropdown before clicking the checkbox in the top left corner to Select All of the filtered items. 

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