This feature provides more control over how your attendees can interact with your event's agenda. With session check-in options, you are able to show your attendees when a session has a limited space or even close off a session until you are ready for them to start checking-in!

New Session Check-in Options

Open Check-in

This is the default option and has no limits on how many or when people can check-in. 

Limited Check-in

This option requires that you to set the maximum number of attendees that can check-in and will not allow attendees to check-in once the maximum number you set has been reached. When the session is full and attendees attempt to check-in, they will be shown with the following message:

Closed Check-in

This option will not allow attendees to check-in. When attendees attempt to check-in, they will see the following message:

How do I setup check-ins options for my session?

You can setup check-in options for each session on your agenda. You will also be able to view how many attendees are checked-in to your session at any time. 

Simply navigate to a specific session in the Socio Platform and scroll down to the Session Check-ins area to see all of the options. 

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